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Expectations of Students in Online Learning Lessons

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Mathematics Fair

The Secondary Mathematics team and selected student volunteers organized the very first Mathematics Fair for students in Year 6, 7 and 8. It was a phenomenal

fair with teachers, parents and students enjoying the activities,

Ta'allum Safeguading and child protection PD (Training)

This term saw the Ta'allum Group Safeguarding Team involved in reviewing safeguarding policy and practice.

Work has also been undertaken in reviewing the Education and Young People’s Services available.

UK Online Assessment Test  (GL Test) in Al Maha Boys Schools

In its continued commitment to provide high quality education in Qatar, Ta’allum has forged a partnership with GL Assessments, a leading provider of formative assessments in UK schools. All three schools operated by Ta’allum: Al Maha School for Boys, Al Maha School for Girls and Al-Jazeera Academy, took part in this testing endeavour on the morning of 4 June, 2017.

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