Al Maha Boys wins first prize in the Schools Debate Championship.

Al Maha Academy for Boys won the first prize in the primary school competition of the Qatar Debating Centre. The tournament was held on last Saturday, 9 December 2017 at the Qatar Primary School for Boys.

The winners of the tournament were Abdullah Al-Ahmar, Saud Al-Qahtani and Omar Abu Qadah.

It is worth noting that the one other debate team of Al Maha Academy for Boys participated in the same tournament that  won in three rounds out of four; The second team comprised of  students: Fahad Ghanem Al Saad, Jarallah Bandar, and Ahmed Al-Khunji.

The students were trained by  Alaeddin Mohamed and A. Hussein Fouad under the supervision of the coordinator of debates and Arabic language Mohammed Kamal.

Students of Al Maha Academy for Boys qualify for the National Day of Debating Championship. Al Maha Academy for Boys has reached the final of the National Day of Debate competition, which will be held at Dar Al-Saa'i  on Sunday, 10 December 2017, as part of Qatar's National Day.

The Al Maha Academy for Boys School team competed with more than 10 schools nationwide, during which they won the final three rounds, enabling them to reach the final in Dar Al Sai.

The team consists of four students: Mohammed Ibrahim Al Kuwari, Abdul Aziz Saad Al Qahtani, Yousuf Ali Al Kuwari and Abdullah Saud Abdul Jabbar. Their training was supervised by the Coordinator of Debates and Arabic Language at the Academy Mohammed Kamal.

Dr. Mohammed Saifan, Education Director of Taallum Group stressed that the participation of Taallum Group schools in various educational activities is a reflection of the group's vision to enhance the learning outcomes in its dimensions such as educational, leadership and values, in such a way that learning is enjoyable and meaningful in the students' lives.

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