Welcome Message - Secondary Department

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Al Maha Academy for Boys. Our school has been on somewhat of a unique journey over the last 12 years. Originally built on a small site housing just over 50 students we now proudly educate 1800 students of which 600 are in the secondary phase.

Teachers are often described as ‘Loco Parentis’. A responsibility no educator takes lightly. Here at Al Maha our staff have built a strong relationship with their students proving to be one of the many factors helping us achieve a 96% pass rate, amongst the best schools in Qatar.

As stated in our vision our aim is to provide an excellent internationally recognised education with Islamic identity. We teach the British curriculum along with Qatari Ministry requirement subjects such as Islamic Studies Arabic and Qatar History.

We look forward to welcoming you and your son to our academy and take honour in being able to support you in the providing them with a valuable experience.

Kind Regards,

Robert Maddox

Head of Secondary

As the Assistant Head Teacher for Pastoral Care at Al Maha Academy for Boys, I would like to extend my heartfelt welcome to all our students, parents and staff. Thank you for taking the time to explore our website and I hope it provides you with an insight into our special school community.

At Al Maha Academy for Boys, we offer an enriched curriculum, encompassing a range of UK national curriculum subjects as well as Islamic studies, Arabic and Qatar history. This enables our students to build their academic resume both in line with our Islamic customs and at an international level.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” Malcolm X

Our duty extends from being just educators to also facilitators. We provide our students with regular careers advice by inviting various higher education institutions and business establishments to come and share the potential progression pathways available to them. Empowering our students to discover their own voice, develop it and take greater responsibility towards creating their own pathway to success.

The Al Maha Academy for Boys house system is something which has enhanced the student experience in school and allows all our students to contribute their unique talent for their house whilst nurturing their development and equipping them with the necessary life skills. As a part of our school calendar, we have various competitions and activities running for the well-being of our students. We are seeing that healthy competition is not only impacting on their house points but also improving student practice in the classroom.

I am very pleased to be a part of the increasing positive family atmosphere which is being cultivated and the excellent relationships we share with our supportive parents. Student development is at the forefront of our priorities, so whether your son is a part of the; Salahuddin Stallions, Khawarzmi Camels, Kayi Falcons or Nawawi Oryxes – we are collectively contributing positively to the extended Al Maha family.

I await the opportunity to welcome both you and your son to the academy to see our school community grow.

Kind Regards,

Mohammed Ali

Assistant Head Teacher - Pastoral Care

Welcome to Al-Maha Academy Boys, a unique British international school steeped in principles of academic excellence, leadership development and Islamic values. Al-Maha Academy has constantly strived to deliver an outstanding education to hundreds of learners since its inception over a decade ago.

Al-Maha Academy is a truly unique project in Qatar with the school catering for significant proportion of school aged Qataris who will one day hold pivotal positions of leadership within the country. We take pride in our mission to develop leaders for the future generations of our state whilst honouring their Islamic heritage. As a school we have recognised this need and have proudly risen to this challenge.

We are justly respected for our reputation for providing academic excellence and our results speak for themselves. Whilst our impressive track record of academic success is important to us, we also take pride in our endeavours to establish high quality enrichment programmes, encouraging both our teachers and learners to expand their horizons and appreciate their development outside of the classroom. Our learners frequently attend leadership development programmes both within Qatar and overseas. Our learners have been recognised for their participation in national and international conferences, competitions and educational events.

As the assistant head of school (academic), I feel a genuine sense of privilege to be a part of our community of learners. I look forward to welcoming you and your child to the academy so that you can see first-hand the outstanding education we strive to offer.

Kind Regards,

Tariq Hamood

Assistant Head Teacher - Teaching and Learning

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