We aspire to be a progressive institute which provides learning experiences by offering a quality education based on an Islamic ethos that aims to serve humanity.

Learner Outcomes:

Academic, Leaders with Islamic values are the characteristic hallmarks of our students. At Al Maha Boys Academy we believe that in order to ensure all our students achieve at the highest level we need to actively support them through curriculum and enrichment in developing the right characteristics. This is what distinguishes our students from others. We aim to ensure that all students in Al Maha Academy for Boys achieve the highest standards, successfully graduating to Thanawia and on to university or a chosen, aspirational career path.

We aim for ours students to be:


  • They are lifelong learners
  • They are creative thinkers
  • They are bilingual
  • They are confident
  • They are innovative
  • They are independent


  • They have strength of character
  • They are organised
  • They are confident
  • They are responsible
  • They are future leaders


  • They adhere to the Five Pillars of Islam
  • They have good morals
  • They are polite
  • They are considerate
  • They are future leaders

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